The Hyperlocal Way

We reach out to and work with farmers who live and work in close proximity to Central Arizona focusing on those who who have logistical and temporary labor needs. None of the farms we serve are from outside Arizona while most are within 50 miles of the Phoenix metropolitan area. By the manner in which these services are delivered, we enable these local farmers to sell more of what they grow. To preserve the freshness and maximize the nutritional value of these products we expedite moving the harvested crops from the farm to end user in the shortest time possible.

The products and services that Green on Purpose provides operate under the established guidelines and annual audit inspection of the USDA’s Good Agriculture Practices and Good Handling Practices food safety program. Our operations are approved for: 1) Farm Review  2) Field Harvesting and Packing  3) House Packing Facility 4) Storage and Transportation.

At our South Central Phoenix location, we operate a demonstration farm on what has become know as Pueblo Viejo Fields in recognition of the ancient Hohokam culture that once lived in this area. We also are offering an opportunity to obtain the agricultural bounty of the current era at our farm stand also located at Pueblo Viejo Fields.

We are proud to honor and serve the grass roots farmers from 1,000 years ago until today, local community members, adults with developmental disabilities, and returning veterans who live(d) and work(ed) in these locations for a very very long time.