Green on Purpose is about food and the good work it produces. This is accomplished by operating a working food hub in conjunction with other various agriculture operations. We provide new as well as tried and true methods of providing logistical and strategic services to small scale producers to get their crops out of the field then transported to the marketplace to be sold.  Additional focus is assuring that fresh, local agriculture products are not just getting into areas with limited access to fresh, wholesome food items but making their way onto the kitchen table. This transition from field to consumption is the focus of the outreach and educational programs we offer to the community.

We also operate a small demonstration farm in the South Phoenix Village; Pueblo Viejo Fields. This small urban farm setting provides a hands-on-get-involved educational experience for local community members. Food is medicine and knowledge is power. The objective here is learn where our food comes from, how to grow, harvest, and prepare locally grown, fresh food plus the health benefits that can be obtained from that entire food system.

The Pueblo Viejo Fields Project is a joint partnership with Espiritu Schools, Mary’s Ministries, Agave Farms, City of Phoenix Environmental Programs, Montessori International Training Center, and Cafe Allegro at the Musical Instrument Museum. Seeds for the Soul is our cornerstone project that offers this food system knowledge-by-doing project implemented by putting food to work.

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